Unprocessed and raw honey 1000 grams

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Unprocessed and raw honey directly from Nature's lap. Every step, from extraction to jar, has been handled with care and quality by our own hands. This honey is directly strained from the honey hives to the jars without any processing.

MRP- 999/-
200gms Extra Honey+
Free honey dipper 7 inches
( made with natural acacia wood )

Our honey has undergone FSSAI and NMR testing.

Fssai-related parameters are tested in - Euro fin scientific India Pvt ltd (Bangalore)

Euro fin scientific India Pvt ltd conducted an adulteration test (Bangalore).

Euro fin scientific India Pvt ltd conducted an NMR test (France).

You can also test the purity of our honey using historic procedures.

Water solubility check-Natural honey cannot be dissolved in water, whereas fake honey can.
Honey Paper test - Place a drop of honey on a piece of paper; if it is observed and leaves the paper wet or with a watermark, it is adulterated and not pure honey.


Directly from Nature's Lap

Grab your jars to gear up your Immunity, these bottles were filled with (Natural) unprocessed & raw honey directly from the nature's lap.

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